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Eating Schedule : Before and After Workouts

Written by Lisa Jillanza

personal trainer Dedicating yourself to a healthy lifestyle by eating the right diet and living a more actively seems simple. But it entails a lot of discipline and a little know how. This is true especially for those who are planning to spend a couple of hours at the gym.

The body needs a steady source of energy and nutrients. This holds true for those planning to lose weight or adding muscles. Energy is needed to power your various workout exercises and getting enough energy is essential to proper functioning in the gym. What happens after workouts is also essential. It determines the most safest and opportune time to eat and help your body in the recovery process.

Before Workouts

If you're planning to go on a workout it is important for you to adjust eating times accordingly. Working out with a full stomach could have a negative effect on your workout. The body spends energy digesting, energy which is needed during a workout. This only makes you tire easily as your body divides itself between digesting and providing you with energy during workouts.

Working out in the gym entails focus both mentally and physically. And a full stomach could make you feel lethargic or overly relaxed. Lifting weights especially free weights can be taxing mentally and needs full focus. Hard to do when your body is still busy digesting a meal.

Eating after Workouts

Your body's natural reaction after a workout is to replace lost energy stores. Strenuous workouts may have caused minor muscle tear which require immediate repair. Feelings of hunger is triggered, signaling you that your body is in need of instant nourishment.

If you're about to go through a long workout, one or two hours for example. Be sure to have something handy to provide you with a quick energy source. Eat snacks rich in protein and carbohydrates. Bring snacks in the gym to immediately replenish energy and jumpstart the repairing process. Water is also essential. This is needed to prevent dehydration after a grueling workout.

A 15 minute minimum is required after exercising before you eat.

For those not hungry

For some especially for those whose goal is losing weight, eating after your workout could be detrimental to your weight loss efforts. Eating after a workout actually helps the body restock lost fats which might have been lost during the workout. If you feel hungry, only consume that which is enough to keep you going through the day.

Drink water, pure fruit juices or an energy drink to prevent dehydration and replace lost electrolytes. Even when you're not feeling hungry or trying to lose weight, replacing lost electrolytes is essential for maintaining proper energy levels.

Eating habits before and after workouts

Working out in the gym is one of the best and fastest way to a healthier body. But it entails an extra sense of discipline. This includes proper eating habits to maximize every second you spend in the gym. So the next time you plan on going to the gym, take note of this simple guide on eating before and after workouts.

Fitness for All 12 Days of Christmas: December Fitness Challenge

Written by Lisa Jillanza

We all know the famous song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Well, this month we relive the 12 days of “Fitmas” and each day we will focus on adding a new exercise to our daily routine.

But just like the song, each day you will do the new days exercise AND the exercises of the preceding days.


For example, on the third day of Fitmas you will do pushups, straight leg hip lifts and the 20-second plank. 

Merry Fitmas to you and yours!

The 12 Days of Fitmas…

Day 1: 20-second plank

Day 2: Straight Leg Hip Lifts

Day 3: Push-ups

Day 4: Reverse Sit-ups

Day 5: Triceps Dips

Day 6: Mountain Climbers

Day 7: Leg lifts

Day 8: Crunches

Day 9: Superman

Day 10: Lunges

Day 11: Calf raises

Day 12: Squats

Fitness for All Gobble til you Wobble: Thanksgiving Day Challenge

Written by Lisa Jillanza

For most people, Thanksgiving Day is a day of family, football, and FOOD. But, this year, you can also kick off your day with another F word…


Before you head off to that Turkey Trot, Turkey Bowl game or leave home to enjoy that delicious holiday meal, we offer this quick and easy “Gobble til you Wobble” workout.

Complete these exercises and then head off to enjoy the holiday with family and friends.

The “Gobble til you Wobble” Workout 

  1. 60-second jog in place
  2. 30 alternating walking lunges
  3. 10 jump squats
  4. 15 burpees
  5. 60-second high knees
  6. 20 push-ups
  7. 30 bicycle crunches
  8. 30 calf raises
  9. 60-second scissor kicks
  10. 20 sumo squats
  11. 60-second plank

REPEAT. For the full workout, do all 11 steps three times. Modify as necessary.

Fitness for All Healthier by Halloween: October Fitness Challenge

Written by Lisa Jillanza

Follow this day-by-day workout schedule to be healthier by Halloween.

Day 1: 100 Jumping Jacks

Day 2: 50 Squats

Day 3: 30 Burpees

Day 4: 50 Lunges

Day 5: 100 Jumping Jacks

Day 6: 60 Crunches

Day 7: 60 Squats

Day 8: 30 Tricep Dips

Day 9: 30 Push-ups

Day 10: 110 Jumping Jacks

Day 11: 70 Squats

Day 12: 30 Burpees

Day 13: 60 Lunges

Day 14: 110 Jumping Jacks

Day 15: 80 Squats

Day 16: 40 Tricep Dips

Day 17: 40 Push-ups

Day 18: 120 Jumping Jacks

Day 19: 70 Crunches

Day 20: 90 Squats

Day 21: 30 Burpees

Day 22: 70 Lunges

Day 23: 130 Jumping Jacks

Day 24: 100 Squats

Day 25: 45 Tricep Dips

Day 26: 50 Push-ups

Day 27: 140 Jumping Jacks

Day 28: 80 Crunches

Day 29: 110 Squats

Day 30: 40 Burpees

Day 31: 80 Lunges