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Energy Depleting Foods You Should Look Out For

Written by Lisa Jillanza

ID-100111057 We often think of food as something that provides our body with much needed energy. But there are certain food types that instead of supplying our body with energy deplete our energy stores. The type of food we take has a direct effect on our energy levels. This is needed powering the body and performing our daily activities. Some food however, drains our energy leaving us tired and mentally drained. For a better idea on what types of food steal our energy, below is a list of energy-grabbing food.

High-sugar treats

Sugar is a good source of instant energy. Just take for example energy bars that provide us with a ready source of energy during workouts. But high-sugar treats or sweet candies could trick you into believing that you are getting energy. These cause our blood sugar to shoot up. The body in turn releases insulin to decrease sugar levels instantly. The result is a sudden drop of energy leaving us tired and exhausted.


Eating a fairly large portion of turkey could be a good way of conditioning us for sleep. Of course having a full tummy works wonders in making us feel sleepy but there are deeper reasons why turkey could lull us to sleep. Turkey contains tryptophan an amino acid that helps relax the body. And more turkey means more tryptophan.

Fried Foods and Red Meat

Fatty foods make great barbeque and taste great when fried. However, this also means more work for our digestion. Red meat also takes a fair amount of time before they are finally broken down into its components. The body slows down as it concentrates on breaking these down. Eating fatty foods also soothes the nerves and makes us feel full and satiated. It calms the nerves and makes us less likely to perform activities.

Treated Water

Water is essential in our body's normal functioning. It is great for quenching our thirst but does not contain energy. Water also takes up space in our stomach and drinking large amounts when we feel hungry limits the amount of food we can take.

Tap water for example undergoes a lot of treatment before it is considered safe for human consumption. Bottled water on the other hand is stored in shelves and isn't exactly refreshing or revitalizing.

Microwave and Processed Food

Any process that disrupts food's natural qualities can deprive it of its nutrients. Microwave food in particular disrupts the nutrients and energy content of food. Processed food prepared with chemicals isn't an ideal source of energy either. We end up eating foods that actually deprive us of energy. Food and any living thing contain energy. When it is cooked or prepared with chemicals the energy source is depleted or altered.

Bread and Pasta

Bread contains carbohydrates and eating large amounts of it could leave you gasping for energy. The levels of carbohydrates can affect blood sugar levels. It can influence the amount of insulin in the body, the hormone responsible for breaking down blood sugar. The result is a sudden rush of energy followed by a period of fatigue.

Pasta is a rich source of starch that is stored in the body as sugar. Any increase in blood sugar automatically triggers insulin. This can cause your blood sugar levels to suddenly decrease, sapping your body of much needed energy.

Tea Time, Natural Ways to De-stress

Written by Lisa Jillanza

The increasing number of people suffering from stress continues to be a growing concern for many health professionals. Some people might simply dismiss this as part of everyday life. After all, popping a pill is a simple solution to this common malady. But wouldn't it be better if there was a more natural and safer solution to the problem?

Drinking tea for example is a simple and more natural way of relaxing your body and mind. This is not only an effective stress reliever but also helps reduce risks for other deadly diseases.

Ginseng is a popular traditional ingredient in many alternative treatments. It is known for its relaxing and mind clearing effects. A cup of ginseng tea helps calm the nerves and brings stress levels down. For people suffering from sleeping problems, drinking a cup of tea before bedtime also ensures that you get a good night's sleep.

Ginseng has a bitter property. This is why it is often blended with other herbs to make it taste better. The herb is readily available in stores and supermarkets. Ginseng is mixed with other ingredients such as orange peel, Logan fruit, rose herbs, cinnamon and hibiscus flowers to make tea. Ginseng tea is not only served hot but could also be chilled for a more soothing effect.

Chamomile : this herb is a popular treatment for nausea and indigestion. It helps provide immediate relief that it is commonly used as a treatment for these maladies. Chamomile also has soothing effects that calms the nerves and reduces pent up stress. People who are hyperactive could use chamomile to calm their nerves and relax. It can also be used as a natural treatment for people suffering from insomnia.

Skullcap : has quite an interesting name for an herb that is known for its mind relaxing properties. Sipping this tea lowers your stress levels and helps you focus better mentally. Skullcap can also be an effective muscle relaxant, great for those long hours at the gym. High stress levels can leave people suffering with headaches and migraines. Skullcap tea eliminates these symptoms and alleviates moodiness. Its muscle relaxing properties can help women suffering from PMS or premenstrual syndrome. It reduces naturally reduces muscle cramps and pain during this difficult period.

Lavender : its smell alone could help relax a stressed out body. Combined with tea, it can help relax the mind and reduce stress levels. Lavender has the ability to relax the body after a grueling day at the office. It can help revive an exhausted body by rejuvenating and relaxing it.

Lavender could be used as a natural treatment for indigestion. It calms the muscles and decreases muscle spasms. Lavender can be blended with other herbs to reduce other symptoms such as irritability, sudden mood changes, nervous breakdowns, tensions, headaches, anxiety and migraines.

Mint : its cool taste and smell is enough to soothe even the most stressed body. Its aroma is so relaxing that even a sniff can relax your mind. Just like other teas, min tea is especially effective for treating stomach upset and indigestion. Mint flavored tea is one of the most popular blends. Its flavor easily mixes with other herbs and ingredients to make healthier and tastier blends.

Addicted to Junk Food

Written by Lisa Jillanza

junk food addiction According to a recent study published in the journal “Nature Neuroscience,” a high-calorie diet, including junk food, may be as addictive as drugs like nicotine or even cocaine. The study, conducted on rats, shows that overconsumption of high-calorie foods can trigger addiction-like responses in the brain, thereby turning the rats into compulsive eaters.

Decreased levels of a specific dopamine receptor : a brain chemical that allows a feeling of reward : have been found in these overweight rats, as they are found in humans with drug addictions. The research was conducted in conjunction with the announcement that obesity-related diseases cost the U.S. and estimated $150 billion each year and an estimated two-thirds of American adults and one-third of children are obese or overweight.

Researchers say that eating snack foods are okay to eat from time to time; it's when we repeatedly overindulge that the problems begin.

Foods Your Dentist Won't Even Eat

Written by Lisa Jillanza

sugar On average this year Americans will eat more than 140 pounds of sugar. Hard to believe? Not really when you start looking at the sugar content in some of these popular foods and drink that your dentist won't eat, and will advise you to do the same!

  • Delmonte Peach Chunks : 23 grams sugar
  • Manchu Wok Honey Garlic Chicken with fried rice : 34 grams sugar
  • Auntie Anne's Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel with sweet dip : 61 grams sugar
  • Dunkin Donuts Apple Crumb Donut with a Small coffee (cream and sugar) : 66 grams sugar
  • Starbucks Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino Blended Crème (Grande with 2%  milk and whipped cream) : 71 grams sugar
  • Baskin Robbins Oreo Layered Sundae : 146 grams sugar (Yes, you read that right! 146 grams sugar!)

Food Tip: Halt Cravings With Pleasant Mental Images

Written by Lisa Jillanza

outdoors mood booster Tired of your food cravings getting the best of you?  A new study shows that you can curb cravings with one simple step : mental images.  Just picture something, anything that isn't food-related : a white sandy beach, a starry sky, a beautiful mountain range, the sight of your significant other.

Studies have shown than when people have a craving for food if they picture something that makes them happy, but isn't that hot fudge sundae, that they can actually curb their cravings on their own without caving in.

Researchers suggest that by enlisting the help of your other senses and picturing some enjoyable activity that it takes the edge off their food urge.

While those studies didn't resist their cravings each and every time, it did help to prevent them from giving in each and every time.  Over time using mental images just may help to keep off those extra pounds.