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Top Ways to Cut CaloriesWithout Eating Less!

Written by Lisa Jillanza

eating healthy Nutritionists are always looking for ways to help people lose weight, cut calories, and overall eat better to live a healthier life.  In a recent report, experts offer “tricks” that people can incorporate into their daily diets that will help them to lose weight, without eating less.

This type of eating is called “volumetrics” where you bulk up on meals that will leave you feeling fuller longer, rather than by cutting out foods or shrinking portions.

Here are some of the “tricks” that the volumetrics diet suggests:

  • Eat your vegetables, lots of them.  Experts say that by filling up on fiber and water you will feel fuller.  They suggest that by adding vegetables to every meal you eat that you will still be able to enjoy your carbs in other meals, but just be sure to load the carbs with vegetables, too.
  • Eat water-laden fruits.  Fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, peaches, oranges, raspberries, blueberries and apples are far better for you than calorie packed bananas, and because they are water and fiber based they will help to create volume in your diet.
  • Always start your dinner with a soup or a salad.  The soup should be a broth-based soup or choose a salad with a light dressing, but either choice will fill you up before you dive into your largest meal of the day.
  • Choose high fiber, high grain cereals for breakfast. To create a bowl with greater volume, choose flaked or puffed cereal.
  • Eat egg whites.  Research has shown that if you want to keep your weight in check, people who eat at least two eggs per day consume fewer calories throughout the day than someone who eats bagels for breakfast.  You can cut your calories and cholesterol by choosing the egg whites only instead of the whole egg.
  • Switch your milk.  If you are used to drinking whole milk, just by switching to fat free milk you can drink twice as much milk for the same amount of calories.
  • Eat yogurt : especially of Greek or non-fat yogurt.  Since yogurt is a high-water food, it also helps to keep you feeling fuller.
  • Go for lean proteins.  Foods like shrimp, roasted turkey breast, tilapia, and canned tuna in water are all packed with protein and low in calories.  You can also eat almost three times as much fish as you can many other proteins.
  • Try less-dense desserts.  Instead of reaching for the cookies or cakes, opt for yogurt or fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Buy your cream cheese and butter whipped.  Whipped varieties contain added air, thereby creating fewer calories per serving.  Although, just because it is whipped doesn't mean that there aren't any calories.  You still need to be cognizant of how much butter and cream cheese you are using when you add it to your foods.
  • If you want a salty snack go for popcorn.  Choose the 100-calorie bags or air pop a cup or two of popcorn instead of the butter and oil infused microwave kinds.
  • Dilute dressing and dips by adding lemon juice, avocados, or yogurt.  This way you can still enjoy your favorite dressing or dip, but by diluting them you can save your calories for something worth spending them on.