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Healthy Living Ways to Detoxify your Diet This Year

Written by Lisa Jillanza

Over the past decade, people are becoming more conscious about detoxifying their diets of harmful, synthetic ingredients.  If you want to avoid these synthetic ingredients, you need to learn how to detoxify the foods you are eating and choose healthier foods.

Here are some suggestions to detoxify and eat healthier this year:

Clean Your Produce:  Before eating or cooking with any fruits or vegetables be sure to wash them very well.  Washing your fruits and veggies eliminates the chemicals and pathogens from your food’s surface and help to eliminate any harmful ingredients.

Avoid Cans:  Cans are lined with a resin that contains bisphenol-A, a hormone-disrupting chemical.  While many companies are working to eliminate these chemicals in their products, in the meantime you can avoid these chemicals by choosing frozen, fresh, or dried foods.

Choose Whole Foods:  Whole foods are not processed; therefore, they have their own natural ingredients.  Choose whole grains and look for food items that say “whole” on them … but check the labels, just to be sure.

Safer Seafood:  We are exposed to several chemicals when we eat seafood, particularly methylmercury.  Do your homework when shopping for seafood and choose seafood that has the lowest chemical and heavy metal amounts.  Try choosing fish that are also caught without causing harm to the oceans.

Watch Your Animal Fat Intake:  Do you know what’s in your animal fats?  They are loaded with synthetic hormones, antibiotics, organochlorine chemicals, and other harmful pesticides. Look for low-fat options when buying your foods and be sure to trim all the fat off of poultry and meats when you buy them.