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Healthy Living: “Trim the Fat” From Your Thanksgiving Meal

Written by Lisa Jillanza

When people start to consider weight management, experts will say that healthy eating is just as important as fitness.

With the largest meal that many will indulge in this year looming right around the corner, here are some ways that you can “trim the fat” from your Thanksgiving meal this year. 

  • Get enough sleep before the holiday. More and more studies have shown that sleep can impact hormone levels that control hunger and fullness. If you don’t get enough sleep, there is a higher chance of overeating and increased cravings.
  • Don’t arrive hungry to dinner. Eat a light meal earlier in the day, incorporating protein and healthy fats, to help you feeling fuller longer which will help with overindulging later on when the full meal is ready.
  • Follow the 50/25/25 rule. This rule created by the USDA suggested that you divide your plate with 50% fruits and vegetables, 25% protein and 25% grains, preferably whole grains.
  • Limit your liquid calories. Don’t waste your calories on sugary beverages and excessive alcohol. Stay hydrated with water throughout your meal and stick to one or two glasses of wine.
  • Keep your vegetables simple if you are the one making the food. Ditch the “candied” or butter-laden vegetables and opt for some steamed varieties instead.
  • Enjoy the company. Oftentimes if you are busy talking and catching up with loved ones, you won’t have time to overeat and overindulge.