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A Guide to Spring Fruits and Veggies

Written by Lisa Jillanza

Before hitting the grocery store or produce stands this season, it's helpful to have a good idea of what spring fruits and vegetables are in season. The following fruits and veggies from Localfoods.about.com should have the best flavor and value during the spring, however, this can often depend on the specific crops and harvest dates in your particular climate

Apricots : come into season toward the end of spring in warmer areas where they are grown. Look for apricots that are slightly soft, not bruised.

Artichokes : main harvest takes places in the spring but there is also a second crop in the fall. Look for artichokes with tight compact leaves, fresh-cut stem ends, and a bright green color.

Asparagus : harvested from March to June. Look for closed and compact tips, and bright green stalks.

Carrots : harvested year-round in temperate climates. Make sure to look for crisp, healthy tops.

Collard Greens : grow year-round, but are best harvested in late summer in cold areas and fall through spring in warm regions. Watch out, it turns bitter when too hot. Make sure it has a dark green, vibrant color before purchasing.

Cherries - sweet cherries are harvested from May to August. Sour cherries have a much shorter season, a week or two during the middle of June.

Lemons - are at their juicy best from winter into early summer.

Pineapple : sniff the bottom for sweet aroma, check for firmness.

Peas - peas including garden, snap, and snow come into season in the spring and last through most of the summer. They should be bright green and should have a bit of a snap rather than being limp.

Radishes - are at their sweet, crunchy best in the spring.

Rhubarb : the first fruit of the spring in many areas. Make sure to check for bright, crisp, heavy stalks with shiny skin.

Strawberries : peak season is April through June. Pick fragrant, slightly soft ones.