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Simple tips on How to Avoid Dry and Itchy Skin during winter

Written by Lisa Jillanza

Anybody can suffer dry and itchy skin any time of the year but these skin conditions occur more frequently during the winter season. But there's no reason to get concerned over it anymore. We can't control the weather but there are simple things we could do to keep our skin healthy and protected from cold weather conditions.

In this article we will try to explain why our skin is more prone to drying during the cold winter season and how we can prevent it. Below are a few effective tips on how to treat dry skin and how you could keep your skin healthy the rest of the year.

Why does our skin dry during cold days?

Lesser humidity in the air and strong chilly winds during winter strike our delicate skin leaving it dry and itchy. This chips away at our skins natural protective layer exposing it to the elements. The skin is stripped of its oil or lipid layers making it dry and itchy. Little skin moisture is also transferred to the air aggravating dry skin conditions.

Use lukewarm water when taking a bath or washing your face

Avoid using cold water or even hot water when taking a bath or washing your face. Hot water only strips your skin's moisture and only makes it drier. For those who can't stand lukewarm baths during winter, make your baths a bit shorter to avoid exposing your skin to extreme temperatures.

This should be kept in mind even when merely washing your hands or feet. If your skin turns red then this is an indication that the water is too hot. It could only make the condition even worse.

Exfoliate regularly

Sometimes, no amount of preparation could adequately protect our skin from harsh winter conditions. Exfoliating regularly removes dead skin and helps rejuvenates tired skin. This prevents itching caused by dead, dry skin. This should be done at least twice a week since skin is more likely to suffer during the winter.

Natural ways of exfoliating includes using sugar or salts. These could be used to scrub dead skin off without the use of chemical based commercial products that could only irritate sensitive skin. The benefits of moisturizers are enhanced when skin is exfoliated regularly. You could also use coconut oils as a natural moisturizer to add that extra layer of protection and keep moisture trapped in the skin.


Moisturizers preserve and protect oils and moisture to keep the skin healthy. It's like an extra skin layer that keeps cold air at bay. Be sure to moisturize after taking a bath or washing your hands. Because there is less humidity in the air, skin moisture is easily lost in the air.

Get a Humidifier

You can't do much about the weather outside but there are few things you could do inside your homes to protect your skin. Humidifiers help maintain the level of moisture in the air. Low humidity makes it easier for moisture to escape the skin. You could use a humidifier or close doors and windows to prevent warm air from escaping.

Low moisture conditions are not only found in cold climate conditions but also in extremely hot desert conditions. If you feel that your home is too cold and there is not enough moisture then getting a humidifier prevents skin from further drying.

Proper hand and feet care

The best way to prevent dry and itchy skin is proper skin care. Use moisturizers at the first signs of dryness to prevent further skin damage. The feet are often one of the most neglected areas and many fail to notice this because they are hidden from the sight of other people. Using the same amount of attention to hidden skin areas like the feet helps maintain overall skin health. Simply moisturizing the feet and hands after washing could go a long way in preventing the occurrence of dry and itchy skin.

Avoid using strong and chemical based soaps

More emphasis should be placed in maintaining your skin's health than simply cleaning your skin by using strong soaps. Opt for soaps that are gentler and contain a good amount of moisturizers. There are also a lot of natural based soaps that don't contain harmful chemicals that only strip your skin of nutrients and moisture.