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In the News Dos and Don’ts Before Seeing the Doctor– Part II

Written by Lisa Jillanza

(Continued from Part I…) 



Take cold medicine before a sick visit (if you can).  When you are sick, your doctor will want to evaluate your symptoms without the effects of any over-the-counter medications.  Some medications will raise your blood pressure, and your doctor will not know if it is the medicine or your illness causing the high blood pressure. If you do have to take an over-the-counter medicine, be sure to let your doctor know what you took and what symptoms you were having prior to taking the medicine. 


Get a manicure or pedicure before seeing a dermatologist. Dermatologists look at your whole body, including your nails, so keep them polish-free. Subtle clues in your nails can indicate a bigger health issue like anemia, diabetes or heart issues.


Drink alcohol before a cholesterol test. Avoid anything that alters your triglycerides, one of the four components measured in a cholesterol profile. You should also avoid sweets, high-fat foods, and general overeating before the test, too. 


Wear deodorant to your mammogram. Many deodorants contain aluminum which looks like breast calcifications and could be read as a false positive. 


Write down questions beforehand. No matter what appointment it is, you may be nervous. If you write down your questions ahead of time, you won’t forget the important things that you want to ask.