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In the News: Cicadas Are Coming – Part II

Written by Lisa Jillanza

(Continued from Part I…)


While you can eat cicadas, some people should avoid eating them like:

  • People with shellfish allergies. Cicadas are considered “land shrimp” as they are related to shellfish.
  • People who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Cicadas accumulate mercury, which can harm an infant’s brain.
  • Anyone with gout or at risk for gout. Cicadas can cause gout flare-ups. 

What do cicadas taste like?

Some people say that they have a nutty flavor. Others call them gushers, but not in a good way.

Should I fear cicadas?

Cicadas are biologically fascinating, have no negative impact on people, and are important to the ecosystem.

If that doesn’t ease things for you, keep in mind that they typically only emerge amongst long-term vegetation in late spring and early summer. If you are still afraid of encountering cicadas, then it is best to avoid the areas where they are known to emerge during this time frame.

How long will they stick around?

Cicadas will be around for roughly four to six weeks. During that time, they will mate, lay eggs, and feed. Then they will either die of cicada old age or they will be eaten by predators.