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Cancer Fighting Diets

Written by Lisa Jillanza

The causes of cancer still remains unknown, however, it is believed that certain factors can increase a person's risk of getting cancer. Majority of all cases of cancer are believed to be a direct result of a person's lifestyle. Those who maintain an unhealthy lifestyle such as those who smoke, eat less than healthy diets, drink or live a sedentary lifestyle increase their risk of getting cancer. Immediately stopping this unhealthy habits and living a healthier lifestyle could greatly decrease your risk of cancer.

A cancer fighting diet is one which is mainly composed of eating a lot of vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Cooking destroys a lot of the cancer fighting nutrients contained in these types of food. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables preserves these nutrients and insures that you get their full benefit.

5 Top Cancer Fighting Vegetables

Many vegetables have been found to contain great amounts of cancer fighting ingredients which help to keep the disease at bay. However, some vegetables are better in fighting cancer than others.


Cabbage is certainly making waves as one of the top cancer preventing vegetables. This green leafy vegetable contains indole-3-carbinol a naturally occurring anti-oxidant. Great amounts of these compounds are found in many green leafy vegetables especially in cabbage. Research has shown that indole-3-carbinol increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy in killing cancer cells.

This vegetable also contains a lot of other nutrients such as folic acid, potassium, vitamin C and fibers. Eating cabbage also decreases the risks of acquiring common cancers such as breast, prostate and colon cancers.


This vegetable has long been used as an effective way of fighting heart disease. Recently, studies have shown its effectiveness in fighting cancer as well. The two main chemicals contained in garlic believed to be beneficial in fighting cancer are allicin and allyl surfur. These compounds have been found to have a significant effect in reducing the incidence of cancer in populations studied.

Garlic has been found to be effective in reducing the risk of prostate and stomach cancer.  Another study also showed that middle-aged women who took garlic reduced their risks of developing colon cancer. Allyl surfur which is contained in garlic greatly reduces the risk of cancer by mainly preventing the growth of cancer cells.


Ginger has long been used as a popular way of spicing and adding flavor to our food. This vegetable has been found to contain natural compounds which are effective in fighting cancer. Gingerol a naturally occurring compound found in ginger reduces the growth of cancer cells in the body. Studies have shown that ginger reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.

Soy produce

A lot of studies have shown the effectiveness of Soy in reducing the risk of developing breast cancer. Soy contains isoflavone genistien which has shown cancer fighting abilities. This compound has shown promise in fighting breast, cancer and prostate cancers. Among the studies Soy has been most effective in fighting prostate cancer.

Umbeliferous Vegetables

A group of vegetables known to have excellent cancer fighting compounds are Umbeliferous vegetables. These groups of vegetables include carrots, celery and parsnips. Carrots are the most popular among the group as a type of vegetable known to contain cancer fighting compounds. Like all vegetables these contain phytonutrients which decrease the risk of developing cancer.

“We are what we eat”, this age old adage still holds true today. Living an active lifestyle and exercising daily is useless unless we also maintain a healthy diet. Maintaining a balanced diet complements our efforts of living a healthier and fuller lifestyle. Studies have shown that certain types of food increase or lower our chances of getting cancer. For those with a family history of cancer, eating a cancer fighting diet could be the best chance of avoiding the disease.

Final Thoughts

Fiber could be found in vegetables, whole grains and fruits. The fresher and less cooked they are the higher the fiber contained in food. Another great way of knowing fiber contained is that the more colorful the fruit or vegetable, the higher the fiber contained inside.

Eating fruits and vegetables increase fiber intake. Fruits and vegetables are mainly composed of fibers which are excellent in maintaining normal digestive functions. They increase the speed and facilitate the passage of stools through the digestive tract and help eliminates cancer causing agents before they can do harm.