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Tips to “Fit in” Fitness This Holiday Season

Written by Lisa Jillanza

The months of November and December can be two of the busiest months for many people. From holiday entertaining to endless shopping, and from visiting friends and family to all of that food, it is very easy to get off track when it comes to your diet and exercise.

But your exercise regimen doesn't have to falter just because it's the holiday season. Use the following tips to help keep on track when it comes to fitness this year:

Instead of taking that leisurely stroll through the mall when you do your Christmas shopping turn that stroll into a power walk.

Take the stairs while you are at the mall instead of using the elevator or escalator.

Park in the lower lot of the mall and get that extra exercise by walking a little further to the mall.

Invite your house guests on a brisk walk with you so you can spend quality time with them and still get your exercise in.

Ehow.com suggests setting a creative goal like walking a mile for every $10 you spend on gifts.

Sign up for a holiday race or event. Many cities have Turkey Trots or Jingle Bell Runs which can easily become annual family traditions.

Bundle up your family and take a tour of your neighborhood holiday lights by foot or bike instead of just sitting in the car.

Add workout clothes or gear to your Christmas wish list. Everyone knows that if you look good, you feel good and are more apt to get in a good sweat at the gym.

While these are only a few tips to help you keep fit over the holidays, these are definitely a jump start in the right direction.