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Spruce Up Your Exercise Routine: What to Get and What to Ditch for a Switch in Your Regimen

Written by Lisa Jillanza

Now is the perfect time to change up some of those old worn-out items and routines that you have been stuck with for so long in exchange for a spruced up exercise routine. Changing things up not only keeps them fresh for you (which in turn helps you stick to them) but also benefits your body.

This is a handy list of “what to ditch” to make the exercise switch:

Get rid of that cheap pedometer- Instead buy a good $20 one that counts accurate steps; cheaper pedometers are highly inaccurate.

Ditch the old running shoes- Instead opt for a new pair and keep track of how much “mileage” you get out of them. Typically if you run/walk 10 miles per week then shoes can last for 12 months (15 miles : 8 months, 20 miles : 6 months, 30 miles : 4 months).

Throw out the old cotton workout t-shirt- Instead invest in some shirts that are made of wicking fabrics. Wicking fabrics (like synthetics) do a better job of keeping you drier and cooler when you are exercising.

Get an exercise ball- According to fitnessmagazine.com, exercise balls are good for developing balance and stability while making it easier to target specific trouble spots. It may be hard to not roll off at first, but once you get the hang of it there are a number of exercises that you can do on a fitness ball including pushups, squats and sit-ups.

Toss the lightweight dumbbells- Instead try heavier dumbbells that are more challenging in your workout. Making small changes and gradual increases in weight may not seem like a big deal but will make a difference in the effectiveness of your workouts.

Try a resistance band- Work out your chest, biceps, triceps, abs, and shoulders better by using resistance bands. With their varying levels of resistance and their extreme versatility, resistance bands are suited to most fitness programs and people of most ages. They add resistance and challenge to a normal fitness routine.