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Fitness for All Gobble til you Wobble: Thanksgiving Day Challenge

Written by Lisa Jillanza

For most people, Thanksgiving Day is a day of family, football, and FOOD. But, this year, you can also kick off your day with another F word…


Before you head off to that Turkey Trot, Turkey Bowl game or leave home to enjoy that delicious holiday meal, we offer this quick and easy “Gobble til you Wobble” workout.

Complete these exercises and then head off to enjoy the holiday with family and friends.

The “Gobble til you Wobble” Workout 

  1. 60-second jog in place
  2. 30 alternating walking lunges
  3. 10 jump squats
  4. 15 burpees
  5. 60-second high knees
  6. 20 push-ups
  7. 30 bicycle crunches
  8. 30 calf raises
  9. 60-second scissor kicks
  10. 20 sumo squats
  11. 60-second plank

REPEAT. For the full workout, do all 11 steps three times. Modify as necessary.