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Yoga and Detox, Meditating for a Healthier You

Written by Lisa Jillanza

You wake up 20 minutes after you hit your alarm clock to catch a few minutes of extra sleep. You barely had had 5 hours or sleep after coming home late after a grueling day at work. You jump out of bed realizing that you only have half an hour to shower, dress up and grab a piece of sandwich for breakfast. Not exactly the ideal way to start a day, isn't it?

If this is the typical normal morning routine for you then you should be alarmed. Today's society is exposed to large amount of toxins from taking in loads of toxins from processed foods, prescription drugs, air pollution and everyday stress. These toxins stay in the body until it wreaks havoc on your normal body processes.

The body is blessed with natural ways of coping with these toxins. Mechanisms such as perspiration, urination and normal bowel movement are just some of the ways we could get rid of built-up toxins. But the body can only take so much so what do you do when you've reached this level?

Toxins and Free Radicals

Before you can appreciate how yoga can help flush out these harmful substances, it is important that we first discuss what toxins are and what harm it can do to you.

The reason why toxins are so harmful to the body is because its presence help trigger the creation of free radicals. These are molecules that have a missing electron. These unstable molecules rob electrons from surrounding electrons making them unstable. This can cause damaged cells that lead to premature aging or decay.

If cell degeneration is not stopped early, this may lead to medical conditions such as arthritis, stroke, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other immune disorders.

Getting rid of toxins naturally

The body has its own way of naturally getting rid of toxins. This is basically done through four or our major organs. These organs are the skin, liver, intestinal tract and kidneys. When you ingest toxins by consuming food or drinks for example, your digestive system brings these into the bloodstream. Once inside the bloodstream, these are picked up by the liver deactivating them consequently. Toxins that are not picked up are captured by the kidney. The rest are flushed out as perspiration or passed out together with our feces.

Detoxification and Yoga

Detoxification is the process of removing harmful toxins from the body. Your liver, kidneys, skin and bowels are mainly responsible for neutralizing these substances but what happens when they are overloaded with toxins?

A fantastic part of a detox regimen is the practice of meditative exercises that are said to stimulate the function of your internal organs. And one of the most practiced meditative exercises is Yoga. This is an ancient practice from India. It involves the performance of a series of methods and techniques that aims to achieve optimum physical and mental health.

The branch of Yoga called “Hatha Yoga” in particular is a great exercise system for those who aim to detoxify their bodily systems. It provides detoxification by helping rid the digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic, pulmonary and epidermal systems of toxins and waste. Hatha Yoga may also stimulate brain function and balances the nervous and endocrine system. This results in a greater sense of well-being, increased mental clarity and emotional stability.

How Yoga Detoxifies

Hatha Yoga is said to detoxify through the practice of Yoga poses or “Asanas,” breathing techniques or “Pranayamas,” hand gestures or “Mudras” and energy locks or “Bandhas.” Yoga poses of Hatha Yoga reportedly free up blockages and obstacles that hinder energy flow in the body.

Hatha Yoga may teach you powerful detoxification techniques and poses that help increase oxygenated blood flow to the brain, relax and cleanse the body and calm the mind of stress and worries. Every part of our body is turned, twisted, pulled, pushed and upended in a well-rounded Yoga practice. This is said to facilitate the removal of waste products like lactic acid, lymphatic acid and carbon dioxide that no other exercise or regimen could reach. These Yogic poses and techniques help push your body to heal itself and make it strong and pliable. Because of the said effects to healing, many health centers and spas consider it as an integral part in managing lifestyle diseases and detoxification.

Detox for a longer, more productive life

Detoxification is essential to prolong and improve the quality of life. If you live a hectic, toxic lifestyle then now is the time to change. Ask your nearest gym or fitness center for yoga classes so you could get more information about the types of Yoga practices.

As much as possible, lessen exposure to pollutants and chemicals found in processed foods, smoke, cleaning agents and the like. Stick to fresh, pesticide-free produce like organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid complicated beverages that are packed with sugars and artificial ingredients and stick with plain water or natural juices.

Train yourself to stop worrying or thinking too much about things. Approach every problem or situation systematically and if there is nothing you could do about it, then don't stress yourself about it. Changing your outlook into a positive one contributes greatly to an effective detoxification program.