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Several years ago, my mother gave me a book I have really enjoyed throughout the years.  It's entitled, Lists to Live By, written by Alice Gray, Steve Stephens, and John Van Diest.  The reason I like this book so much is that it is 329 pages of 1-2 page lists ranging in a variety of subjects:  health, contentment, marriage, and the list goes on and on.

Today, I would like to share one of these lists with you.  This newsletter will be short, but full of value!
Factors For a Healthy Life From The "Prevention Index"

In order of importance:

1.    Do not smoke.

2.    If you do smoke, do not smoke in bed.

3.    Wear your seat belt.

4.    Do not drink and drive.

5.    Make sure you have a smoke detector in your home.

6.    Socialize regularly.

7.    Get in frequent, strenuous exercise.

8.    Drink alcohol only in moderation.

9.    Avoid home accidents.

10.    Limit fat in your diet.

11.    Maintain your proper, healthy weight.

12.    Drive the speed limit.

13.    Check your blood pressure annually.

14.    Limit and control stress in your life.

15.    Get in your fiber.

16.    Limit cholesterol in your diet.

17.    Get in your vitamins and minerals

18.    Have a dental exam annually.

19.    Limit sodium in your diet.

20.    Limit your intake of sugar and sweets.

21.    Get in at least seven to eight hours of sleep.

All pretty easy tips to implement. See how many you can add to enhance your health and well-being!


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