Do You Know Your Exercise Personality?

Exercise.  You know how it goes.  You have an epiphany and make up your mind that this time you are going to stick with an exercise program.  The first week goes great and so does the second. Then the third week blues kick in and by week 4 that motivation you felt in the beginning has moved to the couch.  We have all been there, so do not beat yourself up.  

Just recently, researchers have found that people are much more successful in sticking to an exercise regime if it matches   their personalities.  To stay motivated, you should go with whatever "moves you". The Physician and Sports Medicine edition of December identifies specific activities that correspond with different personalities. Let us take a look and find out what your type is!

If you: Love to compete

Try: Activities with a competitive edge:  team sports, tennis, volleyball, golf.

If you: Like to take risks
Try: Activities that appeal to your adventurous spirit: mountain climbing, cross-country skiing.

If you: Are strong, assertive, and aggressive

Try: Activities that allow you to release tons of energy:  martial arts, power weight lifting, mountain biking.

If you: Are motivated by fun and excitement
Try: Group activities:  dance classes, aerobics, skiing, and team sports.

If you: Enjoy mental focus
Try: Activities that allow you to concentrate:  yoga, pilates, martial arts.

If you: Like to socialize
Try: Activities that allow you to interact with people:  golf, join a gym, team sports.

If you: Enjoy surprises and spontaneity
Try: Unpredictable activities: racquet sports, dancing, outdoor hiking.

If you: Are introspective and enjoy solitude
Try: Activities that can be done alone:  running, walking, yoga, swimming laps.

If you: Like a sense of routine and control

Try: Structured activities: step machine, tai chi, weight lifting.
Interesting!  So now that we have some ideas, lets get moving and make it to week 5, 6, 7...

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